Friday, November 27, 2009

A country called MALAYSIA

What’s new in this crazy country called Malaysia?

 The Mentri Besar (MB) (State Minister) from N. Sembilan had managed somehow to transfer RM10mil without any hassle and knowledge of Bank Negara (the central bank in Malaysia) to London. The MB is lip-stitched on any comments so far.
 BTN (Biro TataNegara – The national civics bureau) have been exposed of their promotion of disunity they propagate in their courses. The Deputy Prime Minister is in full denial.
 The Prime Minister is MUM about his involvement of the unnameable Alt as he was challenged by the opposition to come clean with it (even after he swore on his holy book that he doesn’t know such a person)
 The former PM, Tun Mahathir is speechless (for this moment) about the book that exposed his ‘administration’ of Malaysia during his tenure.
 People in Malaysia and her rakyat who resides overseas are all eyes on the matters that discredit the political situation in that country.
 What is 1Malaysia? Till to-date this is a question we (the rakyat of non BN propaganda) are asking as it only discord the unity of Malaysia and its citizens.

So what do you think about Malaysia?

For me, I think Malaysia is a beautiful country with mixed races and religion. Its administration starting from the top needs to be fired (layman’s term kicked out). However if we kick them out, can the next party who rule, rule her in fair and just manner? Now that is my question and I am still in doubt. No one, not even BN (the current ruling monopoly party) can stand up and match up to her beauty. In hands of these people she is turning uglier by the day!

How my heart cries for her, my beloved country!

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