Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I read an interesting article of the man I have come to imagine as a 'she-devil'.

When you are in Italy and when you switch on the TV, you see nothing but half-naked women squeezed into tight-fitted clothes (or some barely) and contest shows throwing money like no business. The man behind these channels is none other than the 'she-devil'. I wondered how this man became so famous to be in politics. They say politics is synonymous to dirty money, women, power crazed shameless devils. Well looks like almost all the traits that the 'she devil' has.
One part awed and one part disgust overwhelms me whenever I see this man on tv. Well to add more fuel I came a cross this article in The Malaysian Insider provided by The Guardian today.
Next time you visit Rome, don't forget to go by Piazza Venezia to check out the scenario. I sure am going to!!!
By the way, this show 'Il Grande Fratello'....... is truly a HIT with Italians.
Mamma mia cosa succeso ITALIA!!!

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