Thursday, June 18, 2009

Art Harun...truly an ART!

I have been away from blogging for some time now. Not that there was nothing to blog but infact the opposite, more because I feel that we are ranting and raving but no-one is actually listening!

I mean look at the Perak issue, it died the slow death (painful for some of us to accept its current fate but...) and then the issue on the cases that oops were swept under the Malaysian Carpet of 'Forgotten, Lost in Transit'.

Somethings are much alive like the case of PKFZ...thanks to our sir LKS and gang and one main issue of 'the privilaged people ie Malays'. A topic that has many squirming and in fits of anger, today was visited by En. Art Harun of The Malaysian Insider. The article was beautifully written and I must say it was very 'insideful' to read.
So after reading the said article, I am sure now many of the 'privileged people' will throw their tantrums and question Art's right on writing this issue.
Kudos Art for standing firm to ground on this matter and hopefully 'privileged people' get the true meaning of 'special rights'. Somehow Art, this will fall on deaf ears and yes you will be scorned as a traitor to Muslims (as you wrote in the begining of your article).
As long as this issue is much debated and non-visited by the 'privileged people'; the actual essence of Malaysia (as the current government wish to portray but doing it so badly & wrongly!!!) will NEVER BE MET!

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